Why Am I Running?

During the last 6 years, I have worked diligently to support public education, bring jobs and economic development to District 4, and focused my efforts on becoming an expert in the areas of water management and best land management practices for our state. I've fought to protect consumers and also protect our most vulnerable children. My work at the legislature is far from over, and I would be honored to be re-elected as State Senator for Legislative District 4.

I am a former public school teacher, businesswoman and a native Arizonan with the time, education, experience and dedication to do the job right. Although District 4 is geographically large, I am accessible to my constituents. During the last 3 terms in the Arizona Legislature, I have helped many constituents navigate bureaucratic obstacles, assisted them with letters of support, and provided tours of the Capitol to help them better understand the legislative process. I am active year round to support your interests, not just during the legislative session.

arizona "I am completely dedicated to changing the culture of the Arizona State Legislature.”
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"I'm a second generation Arizonan. I was born and raised in Yuma. I come from a close-knit farming family with a devotion to education and a history of community service."
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Where I Stand

I will continue to advocate for comprehensive tax reform, one that is fairer to individuals, hard working families, and businesses. I will continue to press for private prison reform and work towards ending private prison expansion. I will continue to fight against the attack on women's health issues and advocate for low income and middle class families.

I believe in people. I have been working for you, not corporations. I will continue to fight to change the current trend of Arizona politics which panders to corporations, special interest groups and lobbyists, and put hard-working families and education back into the equation. Economic development, job creation and education are priorities.

My Priorities

I believe in fiscal discipline, support for innovation and entrepreneurship, and investment in the knowledge and skills of the workforce. Quality public education, economic development and job creation, and water management and best land management practices are my top priorities. I believe we must invest in these areas and we can do so in a fiscally responsible manner that still meets budgetary constraints.

Attracting Quality Jobs and Economic Development

By recognizing and investing in Arizona's critical needs, especially in education and infrastructure, we can secure our long term growth and success. We must support our public schools, world class university research programs, and worker training programs in order to attract higher paying wages. I will continue to focus on bringing jobs to rural Arizona and diversifying our economy.

  • I believe in fiscal discipline, support for innovation and entrepreneurship, and investment in the knowledge and skills of the workforce.

  • Attracting capital investment and bringing jobs to our state and District #4 is one of my legislative priorities.

  • I believe we should fund job training and create incentives to attract high tech and good paying jobs to our state.

  • I believe in building a stronger coalition between workers, environmentalists, and business people, and I will support legislation aimed at creating more green jobs in our state.

Fighting For Education

As a former public school teacher, I know firsthand that many of our critical education needs are unmet. Since the recession, the Arizona State Legislature has cut over 4 billion dollars from our public schools and the results have been devastating. Even with the increase in funding for public education during the last session, school districts are still struggling. I am a strong supporter of the Red for Ed movement. Fifty-nine school districts did not receive the promised funding. Our state needs to do more! There is still a mass exodus from the teaching profession, as our teachers are receiving some of the lowest salaries in the nation.

I believe in:

  • Adequate and sustainable funding for public education and getting more dollars into the classroom. It is imperative for our future and our economy!

  • A public education system that attracts and retains high quality teachers. Teachers and staff deserve better pay.

  • Keeping dollars in the classroom.

  • Reducing class sizes.

  • Investing in JTED, CTE and STEM programs which prepare our students for jobs. These programs bring businesses to Arizona by creating an educated and skilled workforce.

  • Making college affordable for every Arizona family.

Investing in Best Land Management Projects and Water Management

During my time at the legislature, I have also focused my efforts and attention on Arizona's critical water issues, the need for watershed management and the devastating forest fires which have cost lives and property. In 2015, I completed the year-long Agri-Business and Water Council/ ASU Water Management Certificate Program. I continue to participate in the Governor’s Water Augmentation Council and the Kyl Center Leaders Roundtable, and have recently been appointed to the Drought Contingency Plan Steering Committee. I believe it is imperative that we invest in watershed management, water infrastructure, support water conservation efforts and best land management practices to ensure Arizona's water security and proud reputation as good stewards of water.


I'm a second generation Arizonan. I was born and raised in Yuma. I come from a close-knit farming family with a devotion to education and a history of community service.

State Senate District 4 - 2017-2018

  • Ranking Member of Transportation and Technology Committee

  • Member of Natural Resources, Water and Land Committee

  • Organizer of WaterWise Arizona at the Capitol

  • Kyl Center Leaders Roundtable Member

  • Rural Caucus

  • Latino Caucus

  • Native American Caucus

State Representative District 4 - 2015-2016

  • Ranking Member of Education Committee

  • Member of Agriculture, Water and Land Committee

  • Member of Insurance Committee

  • Kyl Center Leaders Roundtable Member

  • AgriBusiness and Water Council/ ASU Water Management Certificate Program

  • Latino Caucus

  • Native American Caucus

State Representative District 4 - 2013/2014

  • Ranking Member Technology and Infrastructure Committee

  • Member of Education Committee

  • Democratic Caucus Rural Liaison

  • Latino Caucus

  • Diabetes Caucus

  • Native American Caucus

Educational Experience:

  • Master's Degree in International Public Administration from Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA.

  • Bachelor's Degree in International Policy Studies from Monterey Institute of International Studies in Monterey, CA.

  • L'Universite' Catholique de l'Ouest, Angers, Maine et Loire, France

  • La Universidad Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain

  • Lived in five countries on four continents and speak five languages:
    English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Chinese.

Professional Experience:

  • Real Estate Agent

  • Language Arts Teacher, Crane School District

  • International Flight Attendant and Instructor of Cross-Cultural Communications at American Airlines.

  • Partner in an import/export business selling refurbished medical equipment to Third World countries.

  • International Affairs Specialist at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) in the Department of Commerce, organizing international conferences and R&D programs relating to weather, environmental and oceanographic issues.

  • English professor at the Guilin Geology Institute in China PRC.

Organizations and Volunteer Work History:

  • PSA Board Member

  • ADLCC Board Member

  • DCP Steering Committee

  • Kyl Roundtable Member

  • National Association of Realtors

  • Yuma Association of Realtors

  • Democratic precinct chairperson

  • Rotary Club charter member

  • APFA union member

  • Organized and implemented a non-profit English language program for refugees in the Washington, DC area.

  • Volunteer translator for humanitarian work along the northern border of Mexico.

Informative Links:


  • !00% Report Card from Children's Action Alliance


  • Arizona Academy of Family Physicians

  • Arizona Academy of Physicians

  • Arizona Association of Realtors

  • Arizona Cattlemen's Association

  • Arizona Education Association

  • Arizona Farm Bureau

  • Arizona Fraternal Order of Police

  • Arizona List

  • Arizona Technology Council

  • Arizona Women's Caucus

  • Planned Parenthood

  • Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona

  • Sierra Club

  • Yuma Fresh Vegetable Association

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